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About “Talk to Me”

In 2017 we asked eyewitnesses of the Holocaust to talk to their grandchildren in front of our cameras for a documentary film that focuses on the question, how history is told. Our goal was to compare the public narrations with private dialogues. 23 couples came to the studio, and they were talking for hours. The output exceed our expectations. We realized that this is a unique treasury, which goes far beyond the goal of our documentary film. So we decided to develop a series of 50 minute episodes especially for the Millenial generation. An archive of narrations for those, who will not be able to talk to eyewitnesses.

And that’s it:

The Documentary

How is history told?

Between Auschwitz Birkenau and Vienna‘s
Heldenplatz, from Hitler‘s frenetically acclaimed
Anschluss to Austria‘s way into the European Union
the film deconstructs the concepts of nationalism
and fascism and finds surprisng answers to present

150 minutes

The Series

What does history teach us?

15 Episodes. 15 Stories. 15 Fates.
While traveling on a train, young people take their last chance to talk to their grandparents. The narrations go far beyond the Nazi regime.

While democracy around the world is under attack again this series becomes a very special legacy to all young people. Fifteen episodes, fifteen unique couples, fifteen unique stories for a young audience, their parents and their grandparents – their respect for each other and their love.

15 x 50 minutes